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Yamaha Cross Core Electric Bicycle Review

Yamaha is famous for powerful, high-performance bikes built for every age group that has dreamed of owning something “perfect” when it comes to bikes. Yamaha has made those dreams come true with their highly reliable and gorgeous looking bikes.

The Yamaha cross core electric bike is a stunning, well-crafted bicycle that is perfect for your daily trek. If you’re in a place where hills surround you, and you demand something powerful enough to make your journey smooth and easy, the cross core is the best for the job.

Continue reading this article as we’ll discuss more concerning the Yamaha cross core electric bicycle.

Yamaha Cross Core Electric Bicycle

They designed the bike at the start with a hydro-formed aluminum frame. They crafted a pretty decent geometry, and the lacking of the suspension forks makes the price point lower along with the weight. There is quite a similarity between the cross core and the cross-connect; however, they are both separate platforms with different features all together.

Now let’s talk about the bicycle body parts and how they play an important role in making this bicycle so good.

The Seat

The seat requires a hex key to allow you to raise and lower it. This helps in keeping the seat in one position, and since you will only be changing the height of the seat when riders change, this feature makes it more comfortable for each rider. This feature also secures the seat of your bike as there is a tendency of it being stolen, however, due to this feature, thieves won’t have the right tools to take your seat away no matter how badly they want to.

The Motor

When it comes to motors, Yamaha is popular for selling e-bike motors for about 25 years and have sold a ton of them.

The bike comes with a PW series SE motor, and it has a smooth power delivery that creates a natural feel. Whatever the speed may be, the performance is not affected; rather, you’ll continue to see the motor’s perfection in performing well. The well-crafted design produces great balance at high speed.


When it comes to overall performance, everything about this bicycle feels just right. The controls are easy to handle, and the motors mode is easily managed due to this feature. When comparing the performance without the motor, the bikes feels slightly heavy, and a bit off, which means using the motor is always a better option.

The bike does come with other features you’d find on other bikes, too, like a small horn or even a headlight. These features don’t enjoy high priority. What matters is the overall performance and whether or not it can withstand difficult terrains.

There’s an option for turning the bike into eco+, which is the lowest setting, which results in making the bike feel lighter. The eco feature is pretty decent and does provide a nice drive; however, the standard setting is much better as riding up hills and through rough terrains is much easier than the eco mode.

Among the best features of this bike has to be its motor. We’ve already discussed that quite a bit. However, but the best part about the motor is that it doesn’t make too much noise.


Now to summarize the features altogether to understand what exactly the bike has to offer, we have mentioned them down below:

MSRP: $2400

Motor: Yamaha PW Series SE

Battery: Yamaha 36V, 500 Wh lithium-ion

Charge time: 4-5 hours

Top speed: 20 mph

Range: 30–50 miles

Drive: Shimano Sora, 2×9

Brakes: Shimano Sora BL-R3000 mechanical disc, 160mm f/r

Controls: Yamaha

Fork: Yamaha hydroformed and butted aluminum

Frame: Aerodynamic alloy, 12mm thru-axle, fender compatible. Internal cable routing.

Tires: CST Sensamo Sumo, 700x35c.

Weight: 43.5 lb.

Color choices: White Opal/Blue, Slate Grey

Sizes: 53cm, 55cm, 58cm

These features do stand out and make the bike attractive to the potential customer. Seeing a product with this many features that all have a part to play in creating better performance makes the bike more efficient and reliable.


The bottom line is that having a bike that can give you the performance you’re looking for is hard to find. However, as per checking this great product designed by Yamaha, one has to agree this is perfect. We’ve mentioned everything there is to know about the product from price, performance, and features.

Deciding whether or not this bike fits your preference is totally up to you; however, a friendly suggestion would be to at least go ahead and get a test drive. You’ll see for yourself what this bike has to offer and how well Yamaha makes sure to create outstanding bikes.

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