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Urban Arrow Cargo E-Bike Review

There has been a great increase in the demand for E-bikes. People are finding reasons for why they should own one, and that pushed them in finding the right one for their personal use. However, now there is an E-bike that you could use for other purposes other than a personal joy ride.

The latest bosch E-bike technology has an extremely tough frame that can carry heavy loads of around 150kg. The Urban Arrow is here to offer a great alternative for urban transport.

The E-bike is unique and makes everything easy. For delivering packages or getting groceries, the bosch 250w motor and enviolo transmission help in transporting any goods around town, while you enjoy the ride.

The E-bike has a lot of benefits, apart from the usual ones you get from any E-bike, the Urban arrow has a wide range of business advantages too.

Continue reading this article, as we have got a lot more to discuss the E-bike.

Urban Arrow Cargo E-Bike

The E-bike is the most resourceful bike you’ll ever come across. When it comes to speed, the bike is pretty fast, and the best part about this E-bike is that it half bike and half van. You can carry around 70 to 2500 liters or even up to 300 kg of cargo. This is an impressive aspect of the bike as people who deal with deliveries can use this E-bike and save a lot of time.

If there’s heavy traffic, this E-bike will brush through everything resulting in covering the distance in a short time. However, a van would definitely get stuck in traffic. The Urban Arrow definitely deserves a place along with other urban carriers.

The bike is extremely comfortable due to an excellent transmission that connects with the Bosch motor.

The Urban Arrow is a front-loading cargo bike with an aluminum frame. The usual electric model comes in at £2,985 – which includes a bunch of handy things, for example, lights, mudguards, a rock-solid kickstand, a bell, a rear-wheel lock, and a rear pannier rack.

The Mechanism

There is an option for buying the E-bike without the electric assist. However, that’s one of the best features. The E-bike comes with a bosch motor with four different levels of assist, eco, tour, sport, and turbo. You’ve got four options to choose from depending on the type of ride you want. It doesn’t consist of a direct throttle. It comes with a controller that helps in switching the power levels of the motor.

Other than the motor, the E-bike has a backlit screen that connects in the center of the handlebars. This helps in showing you the speed, power level, actual magnitude of assist at that particular time. The E-bike even comes with a feature that showcases the remaining range, which depends on the current power level, total distance, trip distance, and average speed are accessible in this feature.

If we talk about the lights well, they are powered from the same battery as the motor is. They can be turned on and off by a little button on the bottom right of the screen. We are mentioning the lights because they aren’t ordinary, they’re pretty good. The lights are powerful and light up any dark alley making everything visible for you.

The battery is kept in the box under the passenger seat in a v1 frame and between the pedals on v2. This is because it helps the battery to be safe from extreme weather conditions, plus its easier to access for charging.


The performance on any vehicle is supposed always to be good to make the journey easier and more comfortable. The Urban Arrow consists of incredible components that make the performance of the bike amazing.

If you talk about the bikes gearing, a NuVinci continual variable transmission manages it. This makes gear changing really easy. Other than this, the Urban Arrow comes with a strong brake system. Breaks are always looked upon as an essential feature due to safety reasons. Well, the Urban Arrow had done an excellent job in manufacturing a reliable and robust brake system. The brakes are quick in stopping the bike even at high speed without the bike slipping from underneath.

The wheels are pretty impressive, built from a durable and thick material which makes the wheel withstand any sort of pressure. This is really another plus point for the bike since tires are vulnerable to extreme road conditions. It might not be fair to say the tires can withstand everything thrown at them, but one thing is for sure, the wheels are strong and have a good grip on the road.


The bottom line is, you’ll never find anything more convenient than this bike, to be honest. The reason is right above you. The bike is built for personal and other uses. It’s a perfect bike to take your kids on a joy ride and even deliver heavy loads of items from point A to B without any difficulties.

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