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The Yamaha Urban Rush E-Bike: Everything You Need To Know

Yamaha has been innovating and developing their line of e-bikes for over 25 years. One of the oldest manufacturers in the industry, Yamaha managed to take the world by storm when they started exporting their e-bikes to other countries around the world. Bikes that were once exclusive to Japan are now available for most people across the world. In addition, with over two and a half decades of experience, Yamaha brings you one of its finest e-bikes yet, the Yamaha Urban Rush.

Fast Without The Furious

With the concern of climate change becoming more evident than ever, people have long been searching for a good transportation alternative, Something that is fast as well as reduce their carbon footprint. E-bikes are and have been a great answer to that.

The Urban Rush in particular can go as fast as 20 mph, which is very impressive for a battery-powered bike. The bike also offers a great deal of support to the rider as they pedal, with the most support allowing it to go as fast as it can.

The Urban Rush is first a road bike over anything else. This means that the bike has incredibly slick tires, dual chain rings and a speed-oriented cockpit. However, it would not be a good e-bike if it did not provide ample support to the rider as they ride their bike.

Incredible Motor And Impressive Mileage

Assist features on the Urban Rush are very impressive and can make for a very comfortable riding experience. Equipped with the 250W PW Series system motor, this bike can bring in some serious mileage and speed. The motor can also peak to 500W, which is great for its massive lithium Li-ion battery. 

The battery on Yamaha’s Urban Rush is massive in it capacity, but rather small. Yamaha managed to create a 500Wh long battery, and close to the pedals. The battery provides ample mileage to the Urban rush, capable of getting 17 miles on the highest support settings. In addition, at lower support settings, riders can get up to 40 miles on a single charge. It is also quick to charge, with the battery reaching maximum capacity in less than 4 hours. For a 500Wh battery, charging that fast is quite impressive.

A Light Yet Powerful Frame

One of the key features of any e-bike is that it has to be light and agile, or it runs the risk of being too bulky and heavy to control. Luckily, the best Urban Rush comes with a reasonably light frame of 43 pounds on the heaviest model. Smaller frames are considerably lighter, perfectly made for a person’s height.

The frame is also incredibly durable and can really stand in the event of a slip up. Speaking of slipping up, the Shimano hydraulic calipers on the front and rear bring your ride to a smooth halt. These 160 mm rotors provide excellent braking with little to no effort. Other than the breaks, the Shimano Tiagra 10-speed shifters help shift gears and can make for a very smooth riding experience.

How Does It Ride?

Hearing us talking about the features may have you wondering, how does this beauty ride? Moreover, our answer to that is, unlike anything you have ever ridden. The Urban Rush is a smooth ride through and through, and the plethora of features that we mentioned earlier only adds to this already smooth experience.

The base no-assist ride on the Urban Rush is simple to get to and is very nice for road travel. Since the conditions on the road are often better suited to no-assist riding, it is simple and easy to access from the four modes available. However, once you get a taste of just how relaxing the experience of riding is on some of the assist features, it can be hard to go back to the non-assist mode. Moreover, with a mileage of at least 17 miles, you do not have to worry about running out of charge.

The Four Settings

There are four setting or modes present in the Urban Rush; Eco, Eco+, standard, and high. Each of these modes increases the assistance from the bike to the rider. The Display present on the handle bar shows the modes selected through two colors. The Eco and Eco+ modes get a green whereas the standard and high modes get a blue color. Why each of the modes does not have their own color is a little strange and in a perfect world they would certainly have their own.

You can look to the display on the handle bar to find out the mode currently active through the color present on it. Now this can be very confusing, seeing how two modes have the exact same color, you might be better off looking at the mode selection panel instead.

The Wabash vs. Urban Rush

Both the Wabash and the Urban Rush are stars of the Yamaha e-bike lineup. The Wabash is a gravel friendly bike that is breathtaking in its designs and features. It takes features from a performance road bike as well as a mountain bike, and manages to make something special out of it. Costing $200 more than the Urban Rush, the Wabash is a little heavy and not very agile, and yet comes with the same 500Wh battery.

On the other hand, the Urban Rush is considerably cheaper, and has some of the best mileage one can get on an e-bike. Of course the Urban Rush does not have the sheer versatility of the Wabash, as it is not very effective on rough terrain or when climbing mountains. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Urban Rush is one of the best e-bikes to come out by Yamaha, as it provides incredible performance that most e-bikes fail to provide. In addition, while this may not be very cheap, the performance and features of the Urban Rush justify the higher price tag.

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