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The BMW X2 Hybrid: Everything You Need To Know About This Spectacular Vehicle

Who does not know about BMW? You cannot call yourself an automotive enthusiast if you are not familiar with this name. It is a German multinational company that manufactures and produces luxurious vehicles. The company keeps coming up with new designs and models to keep its production rolling and introducing the best cars to the world.

The company always has something brilliant to offer to stand out in the competitive automobile industry. As a part of their strategy to introduce 25 electrified models in the market by 2023, BMW is coming with a plug-in hybrid variant of BMW X2. Today we are going to discuss this spectacular model, the BMW X2 Hybrid, the latest addition to the BMW range.


The one factor that all car lovers look into is the performance of a vehicle. It is what defines what the vehicle is capable of, and if it will provide the comfort and excellence one is looking for in a vehicle. This crossover SUV, in particular, has that sporting flair, dynamic driving experience, and the comfort that makes the vehicle just perfect.

Now the question is what elements or components help in making the BMW X2’s performance so great. The answer is that there are many features, such as the engine, brakes, tires, suspensions, and other technological features included in the vehicle that makes it an excellent performer.


If you’re wondering what’s under the hood, well, BMW X2 xDrive25e has a turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, which is 1.5 liter.

The vehicle also includes an electric motor hence the name Hybrid attached with the model name. It is A 10 kWh, lithium-ion battery pack that can provide a range of about 55 to around 59 kilometers. This makes the engine transfer 94hp and 165Nm to the rear axle, enabling an all wheel-drive, this happens when the X2 is on hybrid mode.

The charge time of the high-voltage battery is five hours, whereas it will take 3.8 hours to juice up 80% battery. Along with the gasoline engine and the motor, the vehicle can deliver an output of 217 horsepower and 385 Nm.

In short, the engine allows the sporty vehicle to hit speed from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a whopping 6.8 seconds. Not only that, but the BMW X2 has a 2 kilometers per hour top speed of 195 Kilometers per hour. Now isn’t that just impressive?

The electric motor comes with a battery saving mode too.


It is important for a vehicle to have robust and reliable brakes. We all know how much testing BMW does in order to ensure the brakes are reliable. Not only that, but they continue to improve the brakes function in the most efficient manner possible.

These brakes allow the vehicle to come to a halt without any difficulties. The BMW X2 xDrive25e model also uses other features such as the acoustic pedestrian protection warning, which shows just how advanced the braking system of the BMW X2 is.


This is also an important feature of the vehicle that allows the drive to be much better and comfortable. Thus, the right set of tires boost a vehicle’s performance. The 17-inch alloy wheels of this beast are light, thick, and they perform perfectly on the road making the drive much comfortable and smooth.

Overview of the Features

As we mentioned above, there are more features that make the BMW X2 Hybrid a great vehicle. Therefore, we have brought a list of the features that help in making this vehicle driving experience excellent and give it a sleek, sporty look.


  • The exterior of the vehicle includes a front apron with an insert that is in metallic. Also a rear apron
  • Precisely designed air inlets
  • 17 M light-alloy wheels (20 M is optional)
  • Good Suspension that is either adaptive or standard (for improved aerodynamics, BMW X2 xDrive25e will come with a 0.3 inches lower suspension than the standard version)
  • Well painted exterior (Other paint options are available)
  • Robust spoiler at the rear
  • Smart Headlights and Indicators


  • Sporty seats
  • Steering wheel in leather (Optional)
  • Excellent engine
  • Electric motor
  • Controls available on the door
  • Comfortable footrest for the driver
  • Air conditioning
  • Two-zone automatic climate control
  • Acoustic Pedestrian protection warning

The Advantages and the Drawbacks

Every vehicle has features that make it perfect for some but not desirable for others. Therefore, we have listed a few points that give us an overview of the good and the not-so-good features of the vehicle.

The Pros

  • Great engine
  • Comfortable ride and easy to control
  • Several technological features
  • 35-mile electric range

The Cons

  • Not enough room for more people inside the vehicle
  • Expensive

Honest Reviews

Well, it is too early to say if the hybrid variant of BMW X2 will stand true to its claims. However, the specifications, such as the engine, high-voltage battery, suspension, all look promising. BMW lovers, who are also tech-geeks, are looking forward to BMW X2 xDrive25e, which is all set to hit the roads later this July.


According to insiders, BMW is preparing to give a mid-cycle facelift to the X2, However, even before the latest version of BMW X2 hit the market, a new plug-in hybrid model BMW X2 xDrive25e is arriving this year. Besides, the company plans to launch almost 25 electrified models in the next three years.

BMW has put in a lot of work in developing this vehicle. They have ensured the vehicle has all the necessary features that attract car lovers into buying it. Moreover, they promise to deliver the experience you desire when you drive a car.

To conclude, it would be fair to say that BMW has done an impressive job in manufacturing this hybrid vehicle that is not only fast but also efficient. You can visit our website and explore more about BMW x2 Hybrid.

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