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The AmazonBasics Level 2 EV Charging Station: The EV Charger with a Slender Style

Ever since technology has advanced, we have come across some great inventions that have made our lives more convenient. We all remember the times when we only had conventional vehicles that used to operate on petrol, and before that, we didn’t even have vehicles. However, now the cars we see either are hybrid or completely run on electricity.

Now that people have realized how electric cars can save money and operate even better than conventional vehicles, the demand for EVs is increasing gradually. However, people face issues with charging their electric vehicles because either they can’t find a station near them or can’t find one suitable charging station for their home.

The good news is, you can simply install an electric charging station at home and charge your vehicle overnight. Today we want to talk about a charging station that is not only great for charging your vehicle effectively and efficiently; it will also bring a whole level of convenience and ease. The Amazon Basic level 2 electric vehicle charging station is a charger you need to learn more about.

Continue reading on to know everything regarding this charger, and you can decide whether this is a charger you’re looking for your vehicle or not.

Features of AmazonBasics Level 2 EV Charging Station

Before purchasing, you must do some research about the product because it will help you choose the most advanced and suitable one. Amazon Basics Level 2 EV charging station has a variety of features that are beneficial for its users. Their manufacturers ensure to include all necessary requirements;

· Easy Installation

A few years back, installing a charging station was not easy, but now it is. You can install your Amazon Basic level 2 EV charging station inside your garage or outside of your house.

Chances of getting your charging station robbed from the outside area are low because it contains 32-amp. Such an amount of current can secure your EV charging station from thieves. Other than this, there is also a security lock.

· Charging Speed

Every time a new level of EV charging station arrives, you may notice a vast difference in their charging speed. New level 2 EV charging stations have 240-volt due to which its charging rate is six times better than level 1 stations.

On average, this Amazon Basics model boosts a charging speed 25 range/hour (RPH). To monitor your charging station’s level, Amazon Basics also introduced a small indicating light on the station. So, every time your charging is full, this indicator will blink to update you.

· Resistible, Sturdy Structure

Amazon Basic level 2 EV charging station is made from polycarbonate plastic to resist heat and impact of harsh weather. Polycarbonate plastic will not only resist the impact of weather, but it will also protect your charging station from dust, snow, water sprays, and ice. Even a forceful impact of at least 20 joules will not damage the level 2 EV charging station.

· Space-Saving Design

While installing Amazon Basics level 2 EV charging station, you don’t have to worry about hiding a huge or unattractive box that would detract from your home décor. Some of them might require an extra box to settle but not level 2 EV. The depth of this charging station is only 3.2 inches, which makes it pretty to install.

 As for dimensional measurements, it is barely 7.6 by 11.2 inches. You can choose a white color Amazon Basics electric charger as it will add a modern and pleasing look to your house.

· Ergonomic Friendly

Some EV charging stations have small connectors and cables, but Amazon Basics level 2 EV charging station doesn’t push you to move your car. Its cables and connector are 25 feet long, and it is enough to reach your car.

Your car’s parking is no longer dependent on your charger’s length, which makes it user-friendly. Other than the charger’s length, its angle and shape can ease the tension on your wrist. Such tension on a wrist happens while plugging the cable into a car. The finishing texture makes you hold your grasp tightly to prevent your palm from slipping.

With level 2 EV charging station, you don’t have to worry about your connector’s as it is tied properly to the connector.

· Wall Mount

You don’t have to shuffle through your toolbox for any sort of extra hardware to mount your charging station. Level 2 EV charging station comes with all the necessary equipment to mount the charging station on your garage wall or outside. Hooks will allow you to wrap your cable.

Disadvantages of Level 2 EV Charging Station

While there are many amazing features of Amazon Basics level 2 charging station, it has some drawbacks as well. Here are a few flaws.

· Charging isn’t Fast Enough

While the charging is six times faster than level 1 chargers, it isn’t as fast as the other level 2 charging stations. For example, you might find a few level 2 EV chargers to be much quicker and efficient. Other than this, the level 3 charging stations are much faster as well.

· The battery

How charging stations operate is a topic that not many of us can understand since it involves many technological statements and equations. However, in short, this level 2 charging station tends to stress out the lithium-ion battery more than level 1 charging stations. This is another drawback highlighted when making a comparison with other charging stations.


We understand how tough it is to determine which charging station would be suitable for your vehicle. However, as we have mentioned, the Amazon basic level 2 charging stations are actually pretty good for an electric vehicle, especially if you prefer charging your EV at home.

To conclude, if you’re planning on purchasing any electric charger, always make sure that it can fulfill your car’s charging needs.

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