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Tesla Wall Connector: Catching Up With The Rest Of The Market

Being innovative in an ever-growing market such as the automotive industry and by extension, the market for electric vehicles doesn’t always mean that one has to come up with a ground-breaking vehicle, even though that is the idea; making new accessories for the already loyal customers is always the right choice. Usually, that is a big deal. And if those loyal clients have one object more at heart than another, that one object is the welfare and longevity of their EV.

But when it comes to Tesla, Inc. one of their products that aimed at the welfare of every Tesla EV out there, came out without much fanfare; truth be told, it came out with almost none. After more than half a decade, Tesla decides to release a High-Power Wall Connector. The thought is to simplify the charging of Tesla’s vehicles as well as to catch up with all those suppliers that offered a quite similar product way before Elon Musk decided to.

Charging Tesla at home was always possible, though that solution was slow in the eyes of some customers as it offers 3 miles of range per hour of charging. This is where the Tesla Wall Connector comes into play. It offers a fully charged vehicle for under 10 hours; It looks a bit unsatisfying once compared with on-the-road supercharger capable of fully charging your Tesla for under one hour. But given that a supercharger can cost more than the vehicle itself, the Wall Connector with its 14-50 plug and its price tag of $500 suddenly looks like the right choice. And definitely, this way of charging is more sufficient than utilizing the 110-volt charge-cord that comes with every purchased Tesla vehicle that can be plugged into an ordinary wall socket if one has days to spare and wait before the vehicle’s battery is fully charged. And given the fact that Tesla has fairly big batteries, this is not the greatest way.

“Charge your Tesla at home with a Tesla Wall Connector – the fastest, most efficient home charging solution available. Simply plug in overnight and charge while you sleep. Wake up ready to go with a full charge for the day,” is how tesla.com describes this product.

According to Tesla’s specifications, it takes no more than 8 hours, or the typical sleep cycle of a grown person to charge 80% of your Tesla EV; depending on the model, fully charged Tesla EV is capable of covering hundreds of miles. The Wall Connector comes with a different cable length of 2.5 meters and 7.5 meters and can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

Furthermore, the Wall Connector according to the official Tesla web page “provides 40 amps (9.6kW) of power for all Model S, Model X and Model 3 Long Range vehicles. Model 3 Mid Range and Standard Range vehicles will charge at 32 amps when using the 14-50 Wall Connector.”

Depending on which State you are from, fully charged Tesla using this Wall Connector can cost you somewhere between $6.60 for Washington and $21.84 for Hawaii. California charges around $0.14 per-kWh electricity which means that fully charged Tesla costs around $10.14 whereas New York will charge you around $0.17 per-kWh electricity or $12.46 for a full battery. But before buying this Wall Connector it is important to check the law regulations in your country as some States only allow for an outdoor connection; for those wondering, the garage is considered as an outdoor element so installing a connector in your garage is fine with most States. Plus, installing this unit can only be done by an authorized electrician; Tesla offers a handy list of authorized personnel though one can always find their alternative.

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