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Siemens US2 Versicharge Universal Charging Station

When buying an electric car, you will have to spend a few extra hundred dollars on a charging station. But with various brands of charging stations and different features that each charging station has, it can leave you little more than confused. Lucky for you, Siemens managed to come out with one of the best universal charging stations that you will ever need. And in this review, we will go over the features pros and cons of the Siemens US2 Versicharge.

Benefits of the Siemens US2 Versicharge

The Siemens US2 Versicharge is one of the most versatile charging stations that you can buy. It offers various benefits to its users. Here are some of the advantages that come with the US2 Versicharge.

Fast Charging: The US2 Versicharge is a level charging station, which means that it outputs nearly 240V at 30 Amps. This is almost 4x faster than level 1 chargers.

Home and Commercial Charger: Fast charging is an essential part of the Versicharge’s design, as it is great for homes and various commercial use. While it is not as fast as other level-3 chargers, it is fast enough to charge any car in a matter of hours.

Easy Mount and Set-Up: Other than the usual benefits of speed and connectivity, the Versicharge is also very easy to mount and set up. In a matter of 30 minutes, you can easily set up this charger to use. There are mounting brackets at the back of the charging stations, and the 2ft charging cable makes charging easy and convenient.

Universal Compatibility: A major benefit of the Versicharge is that it can connect to any J1772 socket regardless of the car. So whether you have a Mercedes, Honda, or even a Tesla, you can charge your car with this charging station.

Versicharge Universal Charging Station: Distinct Features

The Versicharge is one of the best-charging stations that you can currently buy. But if you are still looking for some more convincing, here are a few distinct features of the Siemens US2 Versicharge.

It Is Considerably Faster

One of the key differences between the Versicharge and other charging stations it is the sheer speed. While most other charging stations can only give out 120V, this particular charger can give out 240V at 30 Amps. You can also adjust the output straight from the charging station, allowing for a greater level of customization. Although a proper mobile app would have been considerably better to use, the buttons on the charging station also work fine.

Charges Any Car

One of the best things that come with the Versi charge is its amazing charging socket. The J1772 plug is incredibly versatile as it can charge any car you have. Whether it is a Toyota or a Mazda, as long as it has a J1772 charging socket, you can easily charge it with this station. You can even charge a Tesla car with this station, as long as you have the right adapter. Of course, the universality of the charging station does not end at cars, as it can also charge bikes, Electric cycles, as well as various other electric vehicles and devices.

What Is The Practical Applicability Of Siemens’ Universal Charging Station?

In terms of applicability, Siemens’ universal charging station is for anyone, anywhere. The excellent build quality and the prolonged 3-year warranty ensure that this charging station stays with you through the long haul. The weather sealing allows you to keep this charging station outside, without the fear of dust and rain making its way inside. It can work flawlessly in very warm as well as incredibly cold conditions. The Versicharge can work between temperatures -30°C to 50°C, making it great for any weather or climate.

The flexible control options also help in the practicality of the Versicharge, as you can easily control the output of the charging station along with intervals between each charge straight from the charging station. The charging station also includes charging light that indicates when the vehicle is charging and when it has completed charging the vehicle. All these features combine to make a very user-friendly experience that allows customers to charge their cars how they want to.

Versicharge Universal Charging Station: Technical Specifications

If you are looking more for the technicalities of this specific charging station, then look no further. The Versicharge comes with a 20ft long charging cord that makes for very easy charging. Coming along with the self-winding cord, the charging cable is great on its own. 

Other charger outputs 240V at 30 Amps, and the installed circuit breaker inside the Versicharge has a limit of 40 Amps. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your charging station catching fire when the amps get too high. It also has a charging capacity of 5.4 kW, which you can reduce straight from the charging station, depending on your needs. Thanks to the incredible capacity and speed of the Versicharge, you can completely charge your car in a little over 3 hours.

Is The Siemens US2 Versicharge A Breakthrough?

For all of the features that the Versicharge provides, you would think that this was something revolutionary, right? Well, not exactly. Although the Versicharge does have incredible features and gets a lot of things right, the truth is that Versicharge does nothing new. In fact, it does not have some features that premium charging stations often come with. Features like a proper app that gives you various statistics about your vehicle as well as the ability to control all of the features of your charging station straight through your phone. But to its defense, the US2 does not come with a premium price tag, which means you can very much forgive some of its shortcomings.

Final Thoughts

The Siemens Versicharger gets a lot of things right: universal charging, fast charging, and various control options are all great features, no doubt. But since this has all been done before, it doesn’t get any awards for ingenuity and creativity.

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