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Ride1 Up 700 Series Electric Bicycle in the Spotlight!

E-bikes are a new craze among biking enthusiasts, and there are many electric bicycle manufacturers today. The wide range of choices makes it quite difficult for e-bike lovers to determine which one they should buy and why. Therefore, it is important to determine the features of each bike and find out whether the bicycle suits your preference and budget. To help you out, we are going to review one particular bike from Ride1 Up that is growing in popularity; it is the Ride1 Up 700 series electric bicycle.

Ride1up is quite popular for manufacturing affordable and good quality bicycles. If you are familiar with their production, you must know how they not only manufacture bicycles that perform great but also offer services and financial planning to make it easier and convenient for their buyers.

As mentioned, this post focuses on the Ride1 Up 700 series electric bicycle –a commute-ready e-bike that promises to deliver the ultimate riding experience to the bikers. Continue reading to get an idea of what the bike has to offer.


Before purchasing a vehicle, bike or bicycle, many people try to determine and evaluate the performance factor. It is important as the performance gives you an idea of what there is in store for you once you purchase the bike. You can look at various factors, including the battery, range, top speed, and the extra features included to determine the bike’s performance.

Motor, Battery, and Top Speed

The Ride1 Up 700 series has a robust motor, a rear-mounted geared hub that can deliver a nominal output of 500 watts and a peak output of 1000 watts with 56nm torque. Of course, the motor plays an essential role in assisting the performance of the bicycle. This is why the manufacturers ensured to use a motor that would get the job done.

The battery of the bicycle is Reention Rhino with Samsung cells and a voltage of 48 volts. The battery consists of 14ah Amp-hours and 672 watt-hours. Moreover, this electric beast by Ride1 Up can hit a top speed of 27 miles per hour (43 Kilometers per hour). Of course, the speed also depends on the terrain and throttle.

Charging Time and Range

Whenever you decide to purchase an electric bicycle or bike, the first question that comes to mind is whether the bicycle can provide a good range or not. The battery is quite powerful, and it only takes about 6 hours to charge it, which is quite convenient.

What else? Once you have charged the battery, the Ride1 Up 700 series can provide an estimated range of 30 miles minimum and about 60 miles maximum. Therefore, this makes the bicycle a good pick for joy rides and running quick errands.

Other Features

The bicycle comes with some other impressive features that will make your driving experience much better. Here are a few of them:

  • An LCD
  • Ability to keep track of speed, distance traveled, battery life, and odometer
  • Driving Modes (Pedal assist and Trigger throttle)
  • LED headlights
  • center-mount kickstand that is adjustable
  • Water-resistant reflective panniers

The Components

Here is a list of the components included in this electric bicycle that enhance the driving experience and performance.

  • ST frame handlebar
  • A 45T gearing mechanism
  • Jagwire brake cables
  • Integrated Sensitive Cadence Sensor PAS
  • Robust fenders
  • A good set of tires (Schwalbe Super Moto)
  • Shimano M200 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Why Choose this Bike?

Once you wish or decide to buy a bike, make sure you know all the necessary factors about the manufacturer or product. No matter how shiny a bike looks, if the services and planning are not suitable for you, don’t buy it. The following are the factors you must remember while purchasing Ride1 Up 700 Series.

Customer Service

Customer service can mean the difference when comparing two brands. For your queries or complaints regarding the bike, you will need to contact an expert.

Without customer service, you have no other option but to visit your bike’s outlet. But with Ride1 Up, all you need is to contact them online or just call them at the given number.

Their team of experts will provide technical assistance. Furthermore, if you want to know their policies, financing options, or technical factors of your bike, their customer rep will be at your service.

One-year Warranty

If you buy a bike directly from the manufacturer or its outlet, they will provide you a 1-year warranty. You might wonder how this 1-year warranty works.

When your bike arrives, and you see that it’s damaged or has technical issues, you must claim this warranty. You can simply contact their customer service to claim against manufacturing defects.

30-day Free Trial

Ride1 Up provides a 30-days free trial. If you are not happy, you can return the bike within 30 days for a full refund. Customer satisfaction is the main priority of Ride 1Up.

Financing Options

Financing options from Ride1 Up allow you to buy your desired bike and pay in installments with 0% APR. You can pay the amount monthly over three months, a year, or 18 months.

Free shipping

When purchasing Ride1up 700 series, you can get your bike shipped at no charge (service available to 48 states on orders above $100). But there are different shipping charges according to the country.


Now you know the key features of the Ride1 Up 700 series. If you’re wondering about which bicycle you should purchase, do give this one a try. You could even contact their customer support for immediate assistance or any questions you may have related to the product or financing.

Not to forget, you will get a 30-day free trial; one month is ample time to understand what this bike has to offer and whether you should keep it or not.

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