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Okinawa Praise: The Electric Bike People Have Been Looking For?

With everything from cars to cycles getting an electric variant, many wonder when bikes will be getting their due treatment;and lucky for them, change is not far. 

As many people depend on bikes and scooters as their primary form of transport throughout the city. Especially in heavily populated cities, the smaller size of a motorbike can make it very easy to navigate. However, since the past few years, many companies have tried to make an exceptional electric bike, but most couldn’t hold a candle to their petrol counterparts.

And like the seasons come and go, many electric bikes came and went, forgotten. So is the Okinawa Praise the same, or has it managed to change the perception that people have for e-bikes. Well, let’s find out.


The Praise comes with a host of features that makes it almost indistinguishable from regular petrol bikes. In fact, the Praise comes with a very simple design that is reminiscent of other petrol bikes. Other than their appearance, here are some features that the Praise coms with:

  • Range: the real thing that you may be thinking about is the range of the Okinawa Praise. And the truth is that it is not very special. On a full charge, the Okinawa can pull off over 100km in the eco mode alone, and close to 80km in the sporty mode. Since you will be tapping into the turbo mode from time to time as well, you will probably get a lot less range than the 80km. This is significantly lower than the range Okinawa Praise promised of over 170km.
  • Trip meter and speed-o-meter: the Praise also comes with a speed-o-meter, obviously. The speed-o-meter also contains information about the distance you cover throughout your journey and the battery available in the vehicle.
  • Speed: The Okinawa praise comes with a 1kW Brushless DC Hub motor at the rear wheel, giving it the speed to move forward. This all comes down to a crashing halt, however, as the speed is not all that good. At eco mode, the max speed that this bike can get is 32kmph for ECO, 51kmph for the sporty mode, and finally, 61kmph for the Turbo mode. The overall speed for the Okinawa Praise is very lackluster and can be a real problem for everyday commuters.

How good is the Okinawa Praise?

While we, and surely you, were hoping and expecting a very nice e-bike that would set the stage for many others to come, the Praise is a massive disappointment. From its speed and range to its very buggy speed-o-meter, the Okinawa Praise hits every branch on its way down.

Although most bikes fill a specific niche, the Okinawa praise is a very generic bike that doesn’t manage to carve a niche for itself.

Utility in Everyday Use?

Despite coming with many features, the Okinawa is not a very good bike for use daily, as it manages to skip many of the things that would make a vehicle convenient to use. With features like range, speed, and charging all either slow or not enough, the Okinawa praise is not the best e-bike for day to day use.

Other problems come with the Okinawa Praise, mainly with the speed-o-meter. The speed-o-meter is very optimistic when showing you the speed of your vehicle. Sometimes it can show you a marginally higher speed than what you may be driving at, which can be a little confusing.

However, the worst offender is the battery gauge near the speed-o-meter. Calling this gauge misleading would be an understatement. The gauge doesn’t move until the battery is dangerously low, leading you to believe that there is more charge in the Praise than there might be. This is a very serious issue that can leave you stranded in the middle of your journey, with no way to charge your bike.

Is the Turbo Feature Useful?

The turbo speed mod is a very straight forward feature that makes the Okinawa Praise bike much faster. That said, this is also not a very effective way to ride a bike. The turbo mod does not last more than 20 seconds and is more of a quick burst of speed than anything else. Other than that, you will be driving art 50kmph in the sporty mode.

The Turbo mode is a much-needed feature, and yet is also awfully implemented on the Okinawa Praise. The 20 seconds boost is close to nothing, and can make the riding experience a little boring and tiresome. It also doesn’t help that it takes the Praise 9 seconds to go from 0-40kmph and about 25 seconds in going from 0-60kmph.

Can You Drive It In The Rain?

Overall the Praise comes with a nice cover that keeps it safe from all water. However, in the event of heavy rain, you’re better off sitting this one out. While the Motor is water and weatherproof, the batteries just below the case and do not have an IP rating, in other words, you may be in store for a nice zap if you plan on riding this bike near or on some puddles.

Comfortable To Ride?

Credit where credit is due, the seat is quite comfortable, especially when two people are sitting. But that too is ruined by batteries placed directly under the floorboards, essentially hitting your knee on the handle when having top make sharper turns.

Moreover, with your knees so high up, you are constantly in one of the most uncomfortable sitting positions.


No matter how you look at it, the name Okinawa Praise is very ironic. Despite Praise literally being in the name, there is nothing really praise-worthy about this e-bike. If you had your hopes high for this particular e-bike or were looking to buy it on release, then you are better off waiting


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