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Maxx 40 Pro EV Charger Review

Ever since the demand for electric vehicles has increased, a variety of EV chargers have hit the market. Manufacturers are looking to be a step ahead of each other and want to cater to the consumer’s needs. Having the right electric charger is highly important to boost your car’s charging speed and performance.

However, since there are so many options to choose from, finding and selecting the right charger for your electric vehicle isn’t simple. You have to ensure that the charger is suitable for your car, but you also have to ensure you have enough space at home to install it.

EV chargers come in different shapes and sizes, and each performs differently to charge your vehicle. Today, we review one of the EV chargers for you called the Maxx 40 Pro. This charger might be suitable for you and have all the essential features of an EV charger.

Continue reading this article for making an informed decision, as we discuss the specs, performance, and reviews about the Maxx 40 Pro EV charger.

Maxx 40 Pro EV charger

Let’s talk about what this EV charger the Maxx 40 has to offer and what makes it different from others. This charger is quite durable and maximizes the charging time. It has a charging power of up to 9.6kW, and the best part is it can work on any electric vehicle. It is a plus point, as this charger is capable of charging any electric vehicle you have. Sure, some of the vehicles might require an adapter to fit the charger in; however, adapters aren’t expensive, so it is something you don’t have to worry about.

Design and Features

The Maxx 40 has a plain and simple design but has an extremely powerful charging capability. Some key features of this EV charger are:

Wall Mountable

You can attach it to the wall. Since it is wall mountable, this means the EV charger won’t necessarily take up a lot of space. Plus, the charger itself is not big in size, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Long Charging Cable

It comes with a 25-foot long charging cable. Having a long charging cable brings a lot of benefits. You can install the EV charger in any place you feel is right and not have to worry about the cable‘s length.

Wall holster and Hooks

Maxx 40 Pro EV Charger comes with a wall holster, hooks to hand the cords, and wall mounting clips. These tools, such as a wall holster and hooks for you to hang the cords, means your job for charging your vehicle won’t be a hassle. You won’t have to do much once you have installed the EV charger at your home properly.

LCD Screen

The features, however, don’t end here –this EV charger has more to offer. The Maxx 40 comes with an LCD screen that provides all the necessary data you need to know about your vehicle’s charging process. If you have ever checked out other EV chargers, you might have noticed some of them offer apps for you to check your vehicle’s charging. However, this charger does not come with that option.

The manufacturers believe an LCD is the perfect information provider and will give you extra details, such as charging time, the total charging left, temperature, and AC input voltage.

Robust Charger

The manufactures take pride in the well-crafted charger as it is one of the best 40 amp chargers on the market today. Another excellent feature of the Maxx 40 is that it comes along with a 12-month warranty. Even though the charger is quite robust, making it durable and reliable, a warrant would just make a claim easy in case there is any.

Outdoor Restriction

However, there is one feature that results in some issues for owners. If you live in an area where it rains a lot or from time to time, this charger won’t suit being outdoors. It is safe and better to keep the charger inside. Although the charger comes with a restriction to stay indoors, it also comes with a charging cable and is small in size itself. Therefore, the indoor part might not seem so bad.

Additional Service

Well, there is an additional feature/ service that comes along with this charger, i.e., the customer service team. You are likely to ask that every brand provides customer service, then what makes Maxx 40 EV charger’s customer care different.

You need someone to install the charger for you? Nothing to worry about as the customer support team is always ready to cater to your needs. Other than this, if you need any questions answered or have any concerns while using the charger, the support team is only a call away.

Honest Reviews

To truly understand if something is as good as it claims, you must ask someone who has already used it. Therefore, we did some research and evaluated what people had to say about this charger. Most of them have praised the charger for its durability, reliability, and charging perfectly.

However, a few have a complaint that the charger has some wiring issues that result in the charger making noise. It even stops supporting the device at times. Luckily, the Maxx 40 comes with a warranty, so you don’t have anything to worry about.


There are so many EV chargers out there. It is definitely not easy to say this product is the best when compared with others. Each EV charger comes with specific features that are perfect for some consumers and not liked by others.

To conclude, the decision to buy an EV charger comes down to your preference, budget, and what you believe is best for your car. Buy one that ticks the maximum number of checkboxes in your requirement list.

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