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Man eTruck: A Greener Way To Move The Load

With Tesla on the rise to become one of the biggest battery-only vehicle manufacturers in the world, various companies are hot on their tail. With companies like Mercedes, Toyota, and Honda jumping onto the electric car bandwagon, companies like Man are moving to create electric-only trucks and heavy transport. And against all the odds, they have managed to make an incredibly capable replacement to regular diesel-powered trucks.

Even though the eTruck by Man is not yet available for customers to buy, let’s take a look at all that the new Man eTruck has to offer its buyers.

Features and Specs

The Man eTruck is an absolute powerhouse of a vehicle that is capable of carrying a massive payload for a prolonged time. The Man eTruck comes with a variety of configurations that owners can choose from. The biggest battery configuration allows the Man eTruck to a little over 200 km of range. This range is even more impressive, seeing the immense 26-tonne weight of the truck and its mammoth-like compartment. Thanks to the use of motors in the Man eTruck, it is incredibly quiet for a 26-tonne body with a 6×2 axle configuration.

More Efficient, No Emissions

A key feature that sets the eTruck apart from the rest of the competition is its complete dependence on electricity. With the use of batteries, the Man eTruck is able to provide the same level of utility as other trucks in the competition without producing any emissions. Man has been very public about its responsibilities to the environment and made statements about how they will change for the better. The lack of any emissions makes it one of the first heavy-duty electric trucks available in the market.

Other than the promise of zero emissions, these cars are also incredibly more efficient than their diesel counterparts are. Where a diesel engine would only have an efficiency of 35%, the eTruck has an efficiency of 97%. These incredibly efficient motors make it so that only a minuscule amount of the charge in your batteries goes to waste.

Stealthy Delivery

Since it completely depends on electricity to function, the eTruck is also virtually silent while in motion. For a 26-tonne heavy-duty truck, this is quite the achievement. The eTruck is able to move around stealthily thanks to the motors installed in its driving wheels. Both the motors in the hub of the driving wheels can supply 264 kW of power to the wheels helping the truck move.

The lack of sound for the Man eTruck is especially great for urban areas, where delivery tucks can make a lot of unnecessary noise.

Brakes and Energy Recovery Systems

The brakes, while similar to those on most other trucks, have one very special feature to them. As the truck slows down and eventually comes to a stop, the eTruck is able to convert motive energy from the vehicle into electrical energy for the battery. This feature is especially important as it helps in further improving the range of the Man eTruck.

As for the interiors, eTruck has a dedicated display ready to tell drivers about the charge available in their battery. This helps drivers better utilize their batteries and make better choices depending on the route they have to travel.

Various Auxiliary Units

The eTruck also comes with various auxiliary units and features that make the driving experience more enjoyable. The first auxiliary feature is the power steering. The power steering is fast, responsive, and satisfying to use. It is immensely large, as truck steering wheels often are, but drivers will instantly feel at home when using the power steering.

The other service is the air conditioner. The air conditioner also operates electrically, which means that they too will eat into the battery of the eTruck. Thanks to the energy management system, however, both auxiliary features are energy-saving and do not take as much charge from the battery.

Ancillary Features 

The Man eTruck is also filled with various ancillary features that make the driving experience all the more enjoyable. It comes with a dedicated screen that the driver can use for navigation. The navigation controls are incredibly simple to use but can show detailed information about the route, traffic, and the speed limits in the city. This screen also allows drivers to play music throughout the preinstalled infotainment system.


With the massive batteries present in the Man eTruck, it takes a lot of time to fill this truck up. Luckily for drivers, they can charge their trucks at certain intervals or they can charge their vehicles overnight. Thanks to its incredibly fast charging capabilities, drivers can charge their vehicles whenever they find it convenient. An hour or two of charge can give drivers a range of 30-40 km.

Customization and Configuration

One of the best things about the Man eTruck is that it allows its buyers to choose exactly how they want their eTruck. On the Man site, buyers can customize everything about their eTruck. From the type of axel they want to the number of batteries they would like in their truck; the eTruck can turn out exactly as the buyer wants.

This greater freedom of customization allows buyers to get the truck they want without having to compromise. Of course, with many details yet to release, the site can be a little tricky to use.


The Man eTruck is one of the most advanced trucks currently available to buyers looking for a zero-emission solution to heavy-duty transport. The motors in the hub of each tire produce a power of 264 kW each, that power the eTruck like its competition without any of the noise or the emissions. Not to mention that the Man eTruck is also 97% efficient in its use of battery power, which means that only a minor amount of charge goes to waste, as opposed to the 35% of diesel trucks. In conclusion, the eTruck by Man is the start of the zero-emission era of trucks and is currently one of the best customers can buy.

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