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Mahindra eXUV: The Long-Awaited Rival to the Nexon EV

Since its incredible rise to stardom throughout brands like Tesla, electric vehicles have very much become a staple of the auto industry. Getting faster, stronger, and significantly cheaper, EVs have gone from being a high-end niche product to one that is now considerably more accessible. And of the many companies that are working on producing electric vehicles, Mahindra is now throwing their hat in the ring.

With their first EV being the Mahindra eVerito, they were very much testing the waters. And with their newest concept piece, the eXUV, Mahindra plans to take its biggest rival head-on: the Tata Nexon EV. Although the Mahindra eXUV is still just a concept, it has made some eye-catching claims. So today, let’s take a look at some of the incredible capabilities of this concept EV and deduce if it can compare to the Tata Nexon EV.

The Incredible Design

First off, words like beautiful don’t do its design justice. The incredible depth and style of this particular EV allow it to stand out. With a futuristic design that makes it look like a car from 2040, blue highlights stretch across the length of the car. These blue highlights show that the vehicle is an EV and brings a unique aesthetic twist to the vehicle.

The highlights also extend to the headlights, which have Diamond embellishments that give the car a luxurious appeal. The diamond embellishments don’t just stop at the headlights, but you can also find them on the fog lights and the taillights. It just goes to show that a lot of thought and effort went into making this particular vehicle.

As for the grill, Mahindra eXUV has gone the route of most EVs and skipped the grill completely. This is a new style that some new electric vehicles are starting to adopt, as it helps better differentiate between the combustion engines and electric motors. The grill has many small Xs on it that give the front a stylish motif.

On top of the SUV, you can find roof rails that also carry the beautiful blue highlights. At the bottom of the car, you can find the front and rear bumper that have gotten a significant makeover of their combustion counterparts. Below, you can also find alloy tires that are aerodynamic and very fashionable, giving you the best of both functionality and style.


While the design is really something to marvel at, this beauty’s performance is nothing to scoff at either. Performance-wise, the Mahindra has made some very bold claims for its eXUV. And if they can live up to the standards that they set for themselves, they will easily surpass their rival: the Nexon EV. Let’s look at some of the specs.

40kWh Battery

Right out the gates, the Mahindra eXUV comes running with a massive 40kWh battery. Though big, every EV enthusiast would have seen this coming, considering the size of the vehicle. However, what is a little more surprising is that they are able to fit that immense battery without giving up on too much interior space. While still a concept vehicle, the size of the vehicle will certainly be something to look out for, especially with the massive battery in it.

300km to 350km Range

Of course, with a battery that big, you would expect an excellent range. Well, Mahindra claims that their eXUV will be able to drive close to 300km on a single charge. This range is only 12km less than the Tata Nexon EV, which many have said this car will rival.

Mahindra has also stated that the car will have an extended range feature, which will allow drivers to get some more range out of their charge. Not a lot of information is currently out there about this feature, but many believe that the vehicle will extend to 350km on a single charge.

Fast Charging

Another great thing that comes with the Mahindra eXUV is its fast charging capabilities. Fast charging is often an overlooked feature in electronics, especially in cars. Fast charging greatly reduces downtime and ensures that you’re out and going quicker.

With a regular AC level 1 charger, you can expect 100% in close to eight to ten hours. This is still leagues ahead of the 13 to 14 hours of charge that most EVs require. If Mahindra is able to keep this particular promise, it can drastically change the debate around this vehicle.

However, if you have a level 2 DC charger, then that is a whole different story. In close to an hour, you can get 80% charging, which means that there is almost no downtime.

No Side Mirrors

While not much is known about the infotainment system that will be in the Mahindra eXUV, there was one very odd thing that people noticed with the concept piece. Where are the side mirrors?  In its effort to be unquiet both visually and functionally, Mahindra has completely abandoned traditional side mirrors.

Replacing the side mirrors are cameras that the driver can access through the main infotainment screen. While this may take some getting used to, it is certainly a great addition that some people will appreciate. The lack of side mirrors also gives this vehicle a very slender and slick look.

Is the Mahindra eXUV better Than the Nexon EV

The Mahindra eXUV is still very much in the concept phase, and most of the features that we mentioned here are statements that representatives have told various news sources. Nothing is etched in stone yet, so it is very hard to say that this vehicle will do better or worse than the Nexon EV.

Moreover, since Tata is also working on a more improved version of the Nexon EV, it is possible that the Mahindra eXUV may also see significant changes. With all that said, as it stands on the statements of various Mahindra representatives, the Mahindra eXUV is a good competitor to the Tata Nexon EV.

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