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Lightyear One: Long Range Solar Self Charging Car

There is a certain startup whose dream is to make an EV that could go for months on end with no need to be charged. Pretty neat.

Then, to fully grasp this story, one needs to travel 7,000 plus kilometers to the other side of the globe, and straight into the heart of the Netherlands.

The promise is the following: develop a family car filled with solar cells and top-of-the-game battery as well as a design clever enough that would allow the vehicle to charge straight from the sun. Might sound far-fetching and science-fiction enough, but a team of creative and needless to say enthusiastically sharp individuals are already working on it. And the name of the game: “Lightyear One.” To goal is to cover 400 to 800 km per single charge and if the conditions are right it might even drive for months.

What Lightyear is trying to achieve is change the philosophy behind EVs in general meaning, to own an electric vehicle means that a charging spot is readily available. But with the sun being your source of power means that you can take this vehicle everywhere.

But the surprises don’t end here. Lightyear One offers four distinctive ways to charge your car: The standard household outlet, a regular EV charger, a fast charger for those in a hurry and of course, the good ol’ sun.

The fast charger offers the best results with 850 km per single charge. And just when one thinks that there is nothing more to add, Lightyear One has one last ace up its sleeve. When fully charge the solar cells allow the car to be used as an energy source of put simply, your very own mini power station from which one can draw electricity for whatever need there arises.

With such bold claims about the battery, the word on the street is that Lightyear One would be quite a heavy vehicle. For reference sake, Tesla Model S is capable of covering 600 km on the EPA drive cycle. Lightyear One says it can cover 800 km range. This is why people think this vehicle is packed with titanic batteries making it very heavy. It is either that or some new ground-breaking technology.

Lightyear official webpage allows and interested party to reserve its own piece of this technological wonder at a price of € 119.000 stating that “Delivery starts mid-2021.” What will the public as well the critics have to say about Lightyear One remains to be seen.

The plan is to produce no more than 10 cars in 2019 with that number rising to 100 cars in 2020. And rather one prefers a cheaper, more available model, or a high-end EV, the choice is nonetheless a smart one as it leads to a brighter and greener future.

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