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Fisker Ocean Force E Electric SUV: A Beast

We see a lot of cars here and there, and many of them attract us and make us wish to buy them. However, before going ahead and doing so, we always look for something that might be even better and more convenient. Like nowadays people are opting for electric cars due to the fact the transportation cost such as petrol and diesel is no longer a burden.

Fisker Ocean. Source: https://www.fiskerinc.com/

Fisker Force E Electric SUV is one of those electric vehicles that has established a name in the market due to its power, speed, and exceptional performance. Fisker truly desires those future buyers have a true off-road option, thus hope for the buyers to enter the force- E package.

Continue reading this article, as we’ll discuss the Fisker Force E Electric SUV in more detail.

Fisker Force E Electric SUV Review

Fisker Ocean Force E. Source: https://www.fiskerinc.com/

The force E package gives a very intense off-road experience. The ocean has a look that is quite attractive and stylish due to its sustainable vegan-themed manufacturing. The SUV includes built-in solar panels on the roof, which, as we know, makes it extremely easy to charge the vehicle just by parking it under sunlight. Furthermore, the force E package is something unique as it transforms the silent ocean SUV to an all-rounder that can withstand any type of pressure.

Well, the force E package seems not to be the only package for the ocean SUV. Based on a bit of research, it has come to our knowledge that the SUV will include three more packages. It is safe to say at this moment that the ocean SUV is not coming slow with its upgrades and fantastic features.


We have got to mention the most spectacular upgrade, which is the tires of the Fisker ocean. It comes along with elegant alloy wheels, and the tires can withstand and are extremely durable in all conditions. The force E package includes an off the road-specific bead-lock wheels that are wrapped in all-terrain tires. Making things even better are the tires are helped by modified suspension components to create a better ground clearance.

However, there’s even more; the ocean SUV includes brush guards, tow hooks, and a set of auxiliary lighting placed on the roof rack and even on the front side of the car. A few other updates include a tool mount on the liftgate and a spare tire, which is attached to the hood of the SUV.

The features just don’t seem to end. There’s a tap located right next to the license plate, which generates clean drinking water. Basically, the SUV carries a portable tank wherever it goes. There’s still confusion as to whether the faucet is removable or not, but its definitely a must-have in the circumstances such as long drives or even camping in the wild.


When it comes to performance, the SUV doesn’t seem to disappoint. It comes with an 80kW battery pack, which is pretty good for 150 to 300 miles of range. The ocean SUV is also available with one or even two motors along with either a two-wheel or an all-wheel drive train. The force E package gives a strong horsepower of 300.

The ocean SUV has promised a great performance; As per seeing the upgrades and potential of the vehicle one has to admit that the SUV might be as good as it seems. At first, the thought arose that the SUV was for emergency purposes due to its look; however, the vehicle is built for any and every purpose.


Fisker is looking to launch the SUV soon. The company declared that they plan on having the ocean SUV in production by the end of 2021, with major deliveries planned for 2022. Fisker will be sharing its complete production plan before the end of this year. Just recently, they shared their manufacturing plan for the project.

  • The Fisker Ocean price is confirmed at $37,499 and will offer four different packages. However, the details of those packages will be delivered in Q4 of 2020. Fisker Ocean will also come along with a lease option starting at $379 for each month with $2,999 as a down payment.
  • Fisker will be announcing its manufacturing techniques in 2020. Initially, the Fisker Ocean aims to be launched in the United States and in Europe too.
  • Purchasing and leasing are primarily done directly from the Fisker Application. This is available on iOS and Android platforms, and the Fisker website is also an option.
  • Fisker will sell the vehicle directly to customers, and the vehicles will be presented at experience centers, and test drives will be booked through the app. Any faults or issues within the vehicle are signaled, and a full service of those faults are scheduled through the customer app.
  • The ocean SUV will have a 250-300 mile electric range and will also include an international CCS 2 charging plug.


Since the production of the vehicle is yet to begin, and the project seems really promising, people are intrigued to see how well it plays off. They are a ton of criticism against the production of the SUV, and people are questioning the fact that the production hasn’t even begun, and to make such promises is invalid. However, their goal and aim are pretty simple, and the design of the vehicle shows this might be a very successful vehicle.

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