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E-Force One AG: A Powerful Electric Truck

Companies have recently started feeling the pressure of environmental activists. With the climate in constant flux and the signs of global warming now all the more apparent, companies are now bringing a massive change to their attitude. But while electric vehicles are now on the market, heavy electric vehicles are still a concept for most companies.

However, companies like E-Force have brought the heavy electric trucks to the forefront with the E-Force One AG. Let’s take a look at the E-Force One AG, and see how it stands against its diesel counterparts and other battery-powered heavy trucks.

Performance and Power Development

The E-Force One AG is a very powerful electric truck that stands next to its diesel counterparts. Thanks to the motors present at the helm of the wheels, the E-Force One AG can produce a combined power of 300kW. This power is incredibly impressive, seeing how the 18-tonne truck can also carry a cargo of 44- tones.

There are various configurations of the E-Force One AG, each catered to specific types of drivers. Buyers can get a considerably lighter eTruck with only a single battery cell to carry a lot more cargo over shorter distances. Other configurations also have a lot more range than the standard version, getting almost 500km in cities.

Overview of Specs

The E-Force is an absolute powerhouse in terms of its specs. Catered for everyday use, the E-Force is able to keep up with the needs of its buyers and much more. The standard model comes equipped with two batteries, each with a capacity of 120kWh. Combined, the E-Force is able to give a total capacity of 240kWh, which can give up to 300km of range within cities.

As for its speed, the AG can get up to a max speed of 90km/h. This speed is especially impressive seeing the large amounts of cargo the E-Force will be carrying around. Moreover, you get this speed and incredible range without any emissions. With zero emissions from the vehicle, drivers do not have to worry about pollution as they go about their route.

Since the E-Force uses a battery as its primary source of power, the efficiency is far greater than any other heavy truck on the market. With an efficiency of 97%, buyers know that none of their battery’s energy will go to waste.

Modularity and Flexibility of E-Force One AG

The E-Force One AG is unique in its flexibility of specs. Buyers looking to buy the E-Force One AG can change and upgrade every part of the vehicle to suit their needs better. This perfectly fits the modular design of their batteries.

Germany-based company ecovolta is responsible for the batteries in the E-Force One AG. They have done an incredible job of designing and crafting these batteries. The batteries by ecovolta are considerably lighter than most others and yet can hold a lot more charge. Buyers can also add or remove batteries as they please, and see what configuration better suits their trip.

What’s So Special about ecovolta Batteries?

Ecovolta batteries are unique compared to other batteries in the industry. And one of the many things that set these batteries apart from the rest of the competition is their flexibility. These batteries, although the same size as most traditional batteries, have a lot more charge in them.

Thanks to the extensive research by the team at ecovolta, each of these batteries has a high energy density. In other words, these batteries are considerably lighter, but give off just as much – if not more – charge to the vehicle. And since buyers can easily remove and install the battery packs themselves, they can better customize their vehicles depending on the trip that they have ahead.

Other Compatible Features

While the range for the standard E-Force is about 300km inside the city, its speed on the freeway can greatly differ. The standard E-Force on the freeway can only get about 200km, which is considerably less than most of the competition. Of course, most buyers can easily overcome this hurdle with the help of attachable batteries. That said, buyers will have to reduce their cargo depending on how many batteries they install.

However, battery size is not as big of a problem, especially with the incredibly fast charging of the ecovolta batteries. The standard, 240kW batteries can fully charge in six hours thanks to the innovative charging technology they have installed. Though the charging time will greatly differ depending on the type of charger that buyers use, a good level 2 charger should have this truck charged in six hours max.

Comparison of E-Force One AG with Others

The E-Force One AG is packed to the brim with amazing features and benefits. That said, how well does it fair with other electric trucks? Quite well, actually.

Luckily, for E-Force One AG, it is one of the first electric trucks in an industry with only a few competitors. Nevertheless, its competitors are Mercedes and Man, two of the oldest heavy vehicle manufacturers of the past century. The MAN eTruck is very good, and the Mercedes Benz Urban eTruck is an exceptional replacement to the typical diesel heavy truck. Nonetheless, both of these trucks fall short in range, battery capacity, and charging speed.

The E-Force One AG has considerably better-charging batteries, thanks to their smaller density. These batteries also have a lot more capacity than the others. However, the E-Force doesn’t come packed with as many features as the Mercedes Urban eTruck, like the double display and receding brakes.

Is It Ideal For Day-To-Day Usage?

The E-Force One AG is an incredible heavy truck that will come in handy for nearly every type of business. With extended batteries and incredible power, the E-Force can definitely be a viable day-to-day delivery truck. In conclusion, the many features and perks of the E-Force One AG make it an absolute beast in terms of its reliability and functionality. Hence, it is a prime replacement for diesel trucks. 




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