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Cocoa Motors WalkCar EV: a Scooter You Can Carry in Your Bag

It seems flying cars will become a reality in the coming years, thanks to technological advancement. Today, you will find high-performance all-electric vehicles, including cars, bikes, and scooters too. There has been an increase in the demand for electric transportation, and its popularity is gradually increasing. Therefore, manufacturers keep coming with new and better ideas.

Cocoa Motors, a Japanese company, has been making rounds on the internet ever since it announced the making of a laptop-sized WalkCar electric scooter. This looks like a laptop, but you can stand on it and drive around the city without a hassle. The good news is that this e-scooter is now available for sale.

But is it worth your money? Let’s take a look at this new invention.

The Performance

Who could have thought that they could carry a car in their bag? WalkCar Electric scooter is a four-wheeler flat boarding surface that is of the same size as a Notebook. Looks matter, but the key factor to consider when buying an EV is the performance.

Drive Modes

This electric scooter is not only portable but can also perform just how you would want it. The scooter comes with two drive modes, sport and normal. The sport mode has a top speed of 16 kilometers per hour, i.e., 10 miles per hour.

Other than this, it also has a per charge range of about 5 kilometers. The normal mode offers a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour and a range of 7 kilometers. Judging by its top speed, it is fair to say the scooter would be quite useful for daily use. You don’t have to worry about the traffic anymore.

The Wheels

 The scooter features four wheels, making it look like an electric skateboard. The two front feels are locked and driven by electric motors, whereas the rear wheels swivel for helping with turning. The wheels resemble the wheels of a trolley, which makes people wonder whether they can withstand any type of road conditions.


Well, there are four sensors in the upper platform that help the rider control the scooter by shifting weight easily. If you’re wondering about the control, well, the scooter performs according to your body movement. You can sway side to side, without having to worry about losing balance.

For acceleration, you have to lean forward; in case you want to slow down or apply brakes, you have to move backward. That just makes everything much easier. The WalkCar operates when you stand on it, so wherever your body goes, the car goes there. It’s that simple, therefore, making the scooter quite impressive, convenient, and fun.

Hence, the drive towards any direction on any road isn’t harsh or bumpy. However, this isn’t a scooter that would be great on rocky roads or steep hills; driving around pavements and plain roads would always let the rider enjoy a smooth journey.

The Design

While it looks like a laptop, let’s see what materials have the manufacturers used in this scooter. The platform of the scooter has a carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. It is 215mm long and 346mm wide, and the paint job done on it is quite impressive as it is self-healing. This means you don’t have to worry too much about scratches and the paint wearing off too soon.

The platform is about 74mm high and weighs in at 2.9kg, therefore, making it quite easy to carry around. Hence, the name portable scooter fits perfectly. The small size of the scooter means you can store it in your backpack, making it obviously much more portable than any other electric scooter.

Imagine yourself walking towards a friend’s house located at a distance. However, if you’ve got this WalkCar in your bag, all you have to do is take it out and quickly cover the remaining distance.

The Pros and Cons

Here is quick look at its main strengths and weaknesses for a better understanding of what this scooter has to offer.

The Advantages

The scooter is easy to drive around; it comes with a robust sensor that simply allows you to have full control over the scooter by shifting your bodyweight accordingly. It is easy to carry around; you’ll always have something to take you places when you’re tired of walking. Other than this, the scooter is powerful enough to withstand a weight of up to 120 kg.

The Drawbacks

Many people criticize the price tag for this product. The price of this scooter is pretty high as compared to other scooters. Only one person can ride it at a time, whereas other scooters can carry two people. Besides, WalkCar offers a limited range and requires constant charging to travel long miles. So, WalkCar electric scooter is not a good choice for someone who needs to travel long distances like from home to work and back.


One of the most significant factors of Cocoa Motors’ WalkCar electric scooter is that you can keep it with you and use it whenever you want. It would be fair to say that anyone who prefers walking would find this scooter to be quite useful as they can simply take it out from their bags when they get tired and quickly cover the remaining distance.

If you’re considering buying this laptop-sized scooter, it is better to talk to more people who have used this product. You’ll get more information and will understand whether it’s worth it or not. Certainly, the investment in this scooter is pretty high, so make an informed decision.

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