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Chevy Bolt EV: What this All-Electric Car offers?

Chevy Bolt EV is an incredible electric automobile that ticks all the boxes and then some! Many consider it to be at thing of beauty on 4 wheels and for good reason!

Read on for an overall review on the Chevy Bolt EV along with its specific features that make this automobile highly coveted!

Overall Review

Overall, the Chevy Bolt EV is an all-electric vehicle equipped with a spacious cabin long driving range, and a very economical price tag that many can easily afford.  With a starting price at less than  40,000 dollars  and very much capable of traveling up to  a distance 259 miles on just one charge, the Chevy Bolt EV automobile is a great attempt to make EVs all the more accessible to a wider range of people. Its powerful electric motor offers almost-immediate acceleration to the driver, making the car genuinely fun to drive. The inventive and effective regenerative-braking paddle further enhances the driving experience. Similarly, individuals will admire its voluminous cargo capacity and useful driver-assistance technologies (more on this later).

Transmission, Engine and Performance

Chevy Bolt EV’s electric motor provides you with a lot of low-end torque and immediate response to accelerator inputs, allowing you to charge ahead when the when the traffic signal turns green. Although the responses at highway speeds are not as immediate, this automobile still makes merging and  passing on the highway seem very easy! Boasting ample power, the Chevy Bolt EV will challenge whatever unfavorable notions you hold regarding electric automobiles.

The steering is accurate and quick, while the brake pedal is solid for providing superior stopping power. That is, compared to other competing vehicles such as the Hyundai Kona and Tesla. The Chevy Bolt EV incorporates a regenerative braking system that recharges the car battery each time you take your foot off of the accelerator. What that means is that you can drive in most situations without ever coming into contact with the brake pedal. A paddle on the steering wheel’s left side enables greater regenerative braking (on-demand) and can completely stop the vehicle.

Compared to its competitor, the Kona Electric, Chevy Bolt EV delivers a far more plush ride with a suspension tune that is better and softer at absorbing impacts.

Charging, Range and Battery Life

Though it takes around 9 hours to completely charge the Chevy Bolt EV’s battery using a 240 V outlet, the fast-charging alternative can roughly add ninety miles of range every half an hour when you use a Level 3 charging station. Released in 2020, the model has an EPA-rated 259 miles range (compared to the 238 miles in the previous model) on a complete charge. This allows it to have a competitive edge above other electric automobiles that are similarly priced, like the Hyundai Kona Electric. Although the Tesla Model 3 Long Range vehicle can travel to a distance of up to 322 miles on a single charge, it is significantly more expensive than the Chevy Bolt EV.

Cargo and Comfort

When it comes to the car’s comfort, generous rear and front passenger space makes the Chevy Bolt EV a spacious option for 4-5 people. Furthermore, this automobile has adequate cargo space to hold five carry-on bags behind the rear seat. There is also a very practical compartment situated behind the electronic shifter; it is sized perfectly to hold a smartphone. In addition, the car’s center console is proportioned very generously as well.

Driver Assistance and Safety Features

The latest Chevy Bolt EV model earned a very impressive 5 star rating from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) owing to its several safety features. The automobile also boasts driver-assistance technology like rear parking sensors and automatic high beam headlights

The Chevy Bolt EV’s other important safety features include (but are not limited to):

  • Available lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warning
  • Available automated emergency braking and forward-collision warning
  • Available rear cross-traffic alert  and blind-spot monitor

Chevy Bolt EV’s Infotainment, Navigation and Bluetooth

It’s no secret that the Chevy Bolt EV leaves the audience impressed with its standard technology and safety features. It has a 10.2-inch wide touchscreen with a very simple interface, making it very easy to use, even for minimally tech savvy users. Moreover, its infotainment system boasts useful menus that show range information and battery usage. (However, for the upcoming models, the manufacturers can try to make the system quicker to respond to user inputs).

Other standard and popular features include Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, 2 USB ports, a 6 speaker audio system, a Wi-Fi hot spot and satellite radio and wireless device charging.

Overview of Important Features

This is an overview of Chevy Bolt EV’s most crucial features that help it to stand out from its competition.

  • Automobile Type: front-wheel-drive, front-motor, 4-door hatchback, 5-passengers
  • Motor Type: Permanent-magnet synchronous Alternating Current motor
  • Transmission: single-speed direct drive
  • Power: 200 horsepower
  • Battery: 66 kWh
  • Cargo volume: 17 cubic feet
  • Range: 259 miles


When you consider all things, the Chevy Bolt  EV more than lives up to its name by offering super quick acceleration, and its driving range (259-mile) is very competitive with all the other EV vehicles on the market ( like those mentioned above). Although some might say that the Chevy Bolt EV costs slightly more than the run-of-the-mill electric and hybrid car, remember that it comes equipped with standard features galore and a lot of interior space. These features alone make sure you have a very comfortable ride regardless of whether you are driving the vehicle through your neighborhood or on the main highway! 

The Chevy Bolt EV should be the first on your list of considerations if you are looking to purchase an electric vehicle that is worth its salt and delivers on all fronts.

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